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Monday, April 16, 2012


So, in the interest of not sounding like a rerun....I'll skip the pity party and get right down to what my goals are:

1. Weigh myself today (CHECK) Now subtract 10 lbs and that's my goal weight for May 16

---------> I have literally been terrified of the's so crazy because I know it is REALITY but, sometimes I enjoy living in the glow of what I weighed last week instead of facing down the trouble I've encountered this week and seeing the evidence of it in the number on the scale. But, now I WILL weigh myself every week no matter what!!!

2. WATER, WATER,WATER......I have to drink more water consistently and not just for a few weeks. I need to come up with some sort of plan that rewards myself for drinking water. I know it sounds weird but, I loathe water. It has no taste and I'm completely oblivious to why people ENJOY drinking water. Drinking water is more of a punishment than a reward for me. I don't like the taste and I don't like it even with lemon. But, I will drink it and record how much and try to incorporate new ways to drink more of it. So, far today....ONE 16.9 oz bottle down.

3. Quit worrying about everyone else's body and concentrate on mines. I'm so bus comparing and analyzing that sometimes I'm my own worst HATER. Sad but, true. It's demoralizing to love clothes as much as I do but, I can never wear any of the items I'm dying to love. I dress to flatter my size but, I want to dress in whatever I want.

All in all....I'm motivated....trying to find the perfect balance between God, health, work, and school. A girl has a lot on her plate. But, no time for excuses. I have to do some research on what it truly means for this to be a lifestyle change. I have accomplished a lot spiritually as far as changing my life around....there are things I simply cannot do anymore because I love God way too much to jeopardize my relationship with him. So, maybe if I carry that mentality over to how much I love my body that will be a great first step.

Pray for me and I hope to have a great first month back on it....AGAIN!!!! LOL

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  1. I am one of those water lovers. So my advice my have no merit for you, but here goes anyway. Try drinking a large glass of really cold water before you let yourself have anything else. Even something to drink. I hope that helps ??? a little :)