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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Semester is over (Thank God)!!! So, I officially have no excuse for not getting back on track.... I have countless days of leisure and I'm prepared to make the most of it!!! So, my goals for May are as follows:

1)      Blog at least three times a week…I think I can make time to get on here and blog and read other blogs to hold myself accountable. Plus, I watch too much reality t.v... anyways!!!

2)      WATER and WATER only!!! Tough one but, I’ve managed to accomplish this before and would like to challenge myself to it again!!!

3)      Make healthy choices instead of unhealthy choices. I don’t feel like writing down what I’m eating. I never stick to it and I just want to change my thought process on choosing foods.

4)      Exercise a minimum of three times a week. At one point I was a gym junkie but, I just haven’t been able to get back into the swing of things.

5)      Be happy with me…. regardless of my size…. I need to LOVE me for me!!! ****THE MOST IMPORTANT GOAL IN MY OPINION****

Overall, I think these are reasonable goals….I’m kind of second guessing the whole not writing down what I eat thing because I think I may give myself the illusion I’m eating better than I really am…so I may change that!!! So, see ya in the next day or tw!!!!

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