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Monday, February 21, 2011

Lack of Motivation/Monday Milestones

Right now I feel like I’m at a stand still….I’m getting very tired and finding it hard to find the motivation to write down everything I eat and make it to the gym everyday. I haven’t become lazy all together but my once seven days a week exercise regimen, has trickled down to a three day a week regimen. I’ve become burned out, and while it would be easy to blame it on my environment and the people around me….I have to take responsibility for my own actions.

Even when everyone else around me is eating bad and not exercising and reassuring me that it’s okay to cheat….I still can’t get in. I have to find the willpower to recommit 100% and focus on my goal. Too often have I done well for a while and then slowly let myself slip back into the disaster zone. Not this time. Not this year. I refuse to let all of my hard work and all of the people who are proud of me down….even if I am in it alone.

It’s frustrating to wake up in the morning and exercise or want to go to the gym and no one wants to go with me….or even go out to eat or to another event and have people all around me doing the wrong things. It’s the same people who said they would be there to partner with you, to be your exercise and calorie counting buddy. But, while I sometimes feel alone…I have to remember it my life…my health and no one is going to care about it as much as I do. So, without any further hesitation….I’m getting my lazy behind up….getting to work….tracking my calories again and finishing what I started!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not a weak person and I will not allow gluttony and laziness to defeat me!!!!!!! Pray for me guys!!!!!!!!!!


GET BACK ON TRACK>>>>NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
82 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Girl we are in the same freaking boat. I have been slack with my calorie counting and lets not even mention the amounts of exercise that I am not doing. You have porvided the motivation that I need to get back on the wagon and get this thing done. I have come too far for it all to be a waste. I know you will be back on track soon and me too. Keep pushing

    Peace and Blessings

  2. You can do it! You are absolutely right about no one is gonna want you to be healthy as bad as you want it.

    I used my blogging buddies to compensate for my friends and family members who weren't quite as committed as I was....I also picked/suggested restaurants that I knew I could eat well at and be happy (not feel deprived) regardless of what others would order...Applebees is good example they have a new lighter eating menu. OR, I would bring my own food and snacks to certain events....That doesn't always work perfectly but it helped me alot...

    7 days a week is a lot of exercise! Remember you'll want to take at least one day to rest and recharge to prevent injury/burn out. Sometimes its not easy to do that though....

    Also...I am wondering if you are eating enough calories? I am not sure what your height is...but if you weight is close to 250...1500 to 1600 calories plus a very active exercise schedule will probably lead you to feeling tired and hungry.

    Best! MS. BMJ