My Weight Loss Progress


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is it really just Tuesday?????

It cannot just be Tuesday!!! From the looks of the start of my week…I’m in for an uphill battle!!!! Set my goals yesterday and already failed one of them yesterday and today!!! I just have not been motivated to work out these last two days. After two weeks of everyday exercising….I’m Whooped!!! I just have had absolutely no motivation to make myself get up….even for my last minute workout sessions like I usually do. My body is drained I’m mentally drained, and to top it off I’m a bit under the weather.
I spent the day at the doctor’s office, on campus doing homework, back to the doctor’s office, and back to campus to finish homework. I still have yet to see the inside of my apartment. I skipped breakfast and ate fast food for lunch…I feel lifeless and HUNGRY!!! So, exercise today is a no!!! I hope tomorrow I can muster up the strength to get back on track because I cannot go back to feeling like this. I have worked too hard and been too successfully to screw up now.
On the flip side….I knocked out all of my homework for the rest of the week so, that’s a burden off of my chest. And it made me feel proud when they weighed me at the doctor’s office and said, “Oh, you’ve been losing weight!!” But, right now I just want to collapse in my bed and devour a gallon of Cookies & Cream Ice-cream!!! I won’t do it but, I want to really really really really really really really really really really….I think you get the point.
So at this moment I need prayer, a reminder to myself why I’m doing this, a long shower, and a good night’s rest!!!

Maybe it’s just the crappy weather that has me feeling so down. Oh well…I must go on….Happy Black History Month everyone!!!! Have a good night and I’ll update you soon!!!

102 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I know you're feeling tired and therefore don't want to exercise but what about a walk?
    Fast food always gives me cravings for junk after.
    Hope tomorrow brings you a better day.

  2. I work out 6 days a week. When you're working out, you're basically breaking your body down. You need that day to build itself up. Maybe a couple days of rest isn't such a bad idea.

  3. I hate hungry days. I had a sluggish-feeling week, too. It's okay, 'cuz we'll catch it this week!!!!!