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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday Milestones...late again!!!

Good Morning!!!!

I'm running extremely late so this post should be really short.

Last week I pretty much failed my goal of exercising everyday for the second week, although I did keep my calorie intake right on track. I didn't right down everything I ate near the end of the week but, I tracked throughout the day each day...I just didn't write it in my journal.

This week: Same goals as last week but to succeed and to get just as invigorated as I was a few weeks ago. Preparing for Valentine's Day slowed my progress towards the end of the week and I won't let that happen again!!! All in all...even with my lack of focus I managed to lose 1 lb. Not an extreme victory but, better than a gain!!!!

I have a big Physiology test today and I'm nervous...I could have prepared better. But, I have an extreme case of Senioritis!!! Send up some prayers for me....5 minutes to get to class...I gotta run...FAST!!!!


Approximately 87 DAYS TO GO....I MAY BE OFF BY A DAY OR TWO!!!!

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