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Monday, January 31, 2011

Golden Corral Challenge and Monday Milestones

FIRST UP Monday Milestones….LET’S SEE HOW I DID….

Ø Eat no more than 1600 calories in a day! Down 100 from last week because it wasn’t that hard for me to maintain that goal!! I ACED THIS GOAL!!!! I ATE LESS THAN 1600 CALORIES EVERYDAY…..AND Less than 1500 Calories everyday except 1 DAY and I ate 1540!!!

Ø  Exercise every single day!!! Exercise twice a day at least two days out of the week!!!----I exercised every single day even though on Friday I just did 20 min of Wii aerobics…I made up for it on Saturday at the gym!!! And the twice a day exercises…..did NOT happen!!!L

Ø  Write down how many bottles of water I drink along with the food in my journal!!----I started off strong but didn’t complete it…I wrote down my water intake 4 out of 7 days
Ø  Bring my lunch and snacks to campus; be active as much as possible and weigh in on Saturdays!-I aced everyone of these goals!!!

 Golden Corral Challenge

My biggest challenge this past week was overcoming my Golden Corral trip!!!  I finally decided to go to Golden Corral after church with Clevon yesterday! The whole ride to the restaurant....I had my phone out and my calorie counter app for my Blackberry working hard to come up with a balanced low-cal meal. I was proud of myself for not succumbing to the buffet. I successfully piled my plate with fresh veggies and one tiny slice of meatloaf. I managed to drink 6 GLASSES OF WATER WHILE THERE!!! I looked in envy at the all the other diners whose plates were piled with the exact opposite of my plate (Lots of mashed potatoes, Macaroni and cheese, dozens of yeast rolls, Pepsi after Pepsi, and NO veggies!!!) I had sugar free Jell-O for dessert...but, I really wanted a cupcake!!! I felt proud of myself as I walked out and thought about all the calories I could have eaten but, had the willpower not too!!!

However….I ate nothing for five hours after that and settled on “treating” myself to a cheeseburger from the previously banned McDonald’s and a hot fudge sundae. I still came in under my calorie intake but, because I felt bad about eating the McDonald’s….I punished myself with 2 hours of step aerobics on the Wii, while watching Basketball Wives and Real Housewives of Atlanta. I burned about 688 calories…which is good amount but, sucks for two hours of exercise!!!!

Well my goals for this week are:
  • Eat no more than 1500 calories everyday…Sunday is the Super Bowl so I may stretch for 1600 for Sunday if I do well the rest of the week because I want something sweet!!!
  • Exercise every single day for a minimum of 30 minutes and exercise twice at least two days this week.
  • Write down everything I consume (water included).

SAME GOALS>>>>>CAN’T THINK OF NEW ONES SO I’M JUST TWEAKING THE OLD ONES.  All in all, I feel better…My clothes are getting loser…skin tight jeans aren’t skin tight anymore. It feels good now; just having my clothes fit a little better!!! See you all in a few days!!!!!!!!!!!

103 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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