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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don’t Mess With a Black Woman’s Hair!!!!

So, tomorrow is my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m super excited: Hair appointment at 8:30 am and nails and toes right after…..all for FREE (My gift from Clevon for Christmas)! I saved this day just for this week.

Of course since I’m getting my hair fixed tomorrow….the gym afterwards…not about to happen! You know how a black woman feels about her hair!!! But, I’m still not about to slack off, I’ve been doing too good. So, the plan is to hit the gym at 6:30 am workout for an hour, go home, hop in the shower, and head to the salon!!!!!

But the question that has been bugging me forever is: How can black women workout and maintain great hair??? I joke with my friends and say I feel like I only have two options when it comes to my hair and weight loss- 1)Have Nappy Hair or 2) Be Fat……

But seriously, how are we supposed to stay motivated to go to the gym when we’re walking around with crazy looking hair. I’ve been working my butt off and all along my hair has been ridiculous. I’m not a narcissistic person at all but, I do like to look nice. And while a healthy body type is part of raising that confidence level….so is my hair (It’s a MAJOR part). Tomorrow, I’m getting a relaxer, why would I want to sweat that out???

In the end I’m going to do what needs to be done….but, it’s going to be hard because I want to have nice hair for the first day back to class but, I don’t want to halt my workout because I’m afraid of a hair malfunction. If anyone has mastered this process….PLEASE PLEASE…..I’m begging you….share the secret. Oh and I don’t want to go natural. I know some of you will suggest that to me but, that’s just not me. My hair is too thick and I don’t know how to maintain it on my own so, natural is a nada for me. But, any other suggestions I’m more than willing to try!!!

Motivation after I get my hair done is my challenge for the weekend….so I’m sending up extra prayers. Diet is still good and I’m eating roughly 1500-1800 calories a day (My aunt throws in a few dishes I can’t count calories on so; I just grab a saucer plate and eat just that!!!).

Off to the gym I go!!! See you tomorrow, can’t hardly wait to have fabulous hair again!!!!

120 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. This is my SAME PROBLEM. When someone tell you, please let me know. One reason I refuse to work out is because of my HAIR. Only think I can think of is, we must learn how to do hair. Micros, (which I refuse to wear), sew-in, and I've got nothing else.

    I've lost five pounds, since I've started the blog. yay!!!

    Enjoy the day of pampering. Dr.Mack. You deserve it.

  2. Hey there, just reading around and landed on your blog. I started my journey to a healthier me in October and I had the same exact question/predicament. I'd been considering going natural anyway, so I did. Cant sweat out a perm I dont have, right? lol. Anyway, loving your blog and I'll definitely be cheering you on your journey!!


  3. Though I cannot really relate to this particular problem...I did a little google searching and found this article that may help:

  4. Thanks ladies, I appreciate all the support!!! have been such a great supporter and I appreciate it!!!!!