My Weight Loss Progress


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend Challenge

I'm in a new challenge:

It's an awesome prize and will help me to stay on track during the weekends!!!

Yesterday was a great day!!! I managed to feel full and satisfied, and even got to eat yogurt and fruit for dessert...all of this for 1,391 calories!!! I worked out at the gym on campus. The downfall of the day was messing up my hair!!!! I cannot stand to walk around with sweaty, matted down hair. You can't have a scarf on your hair while working out at the gym on campus (crazy I know!) The situation with my hair is beginning to deter me from going to the gym on campus and I know I need at least three days a week in the actual gym! But, I am going to keep researching and trying new things or I'll be putting micro braids into my hair until graduation....

Talk to you soon!!! 109 DAYS TO GO!!!!


  1. Looks liek a fun challenge. Good luck!

  2. What a great motivation! I happen to love micro braids, and if it get you to goal I say GO FOR IT! :)