My Weight Loss Progress


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sleepy Blues

Yesterday was a good day…I became registration complete for my last semester at KSU!!!!! I went to the gym energetic and came to a road block, Exum, our gym at school….was completely packed!!! Not a treadmill, weight bench, or elliptical was free. How is a woman supposed to work out with conditions like this??? So back home I went and that’s when the laziness set in. I already had a two hour power nap earlier...LOL…so did I really want to sleep again…YES!!! This is the time of the month that every woman dreads and fatigue sets in…my Aunt Flo has come to visit and dampened my mood drastically!!! But instead of going to sleep, I watched an hour of the Kardashians and went to the living room to do my Biggest Loser DVD. The DVD is not easy! It is a straight cardio workout and you feel it afterwards, especially if you’ve already been hitting the gym.
I ended the night watching Biggest Loser (Can you believe those twin brothers gained 9 lbs each in one week!!!!) and of course…The Game ( which was good but, too short!!!!) And I ate an ice-cream sandwich while watching Biggest Loser and paid for it afterwards because it did not sit well with my stomach right at all. But, my calories for the day were still 1360!!! So, that’s not too bad right…I indulged but, still was within my calorie limit.
But, after another battle of cramps, I felt restless an extremely hungry…so I indulged again and had a Special K bar and a bag of popcorn bringing my grand total to 1710!!! Not what I wanted at all but, still under my 1800 calorie max!
I visited the blog: Diary of an Aspiring Curvy Diva and she had a great idea!!! So, I’m participating in the Monday Milestones, which you set goals for the week…and report your progress the next week, along with your new goals for the week. So, it’s not Monday but, I’ll tell you my goals for the week and let you know what my progress is next Monday.


1.      Eat no more than 1700 calories in a day….I’ve been eating 1500. My original goal was to stay within 2000…but, I’m way below that so, I’m going to try and keep it up.

2.      Do some kind of exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY unless I suffer an injury of some sort….which I’m praying I don’t.

3.      Write down every single thing I eat in my food journal.

4.      Bring a lunch and a snack to campus so; I don’t starve myself for the week.

5.      Weigh myself on Saturday.

6.      Use every opportunity to be more active whether it means get up and wash the dishes or clean up the house.

So, there you have it…my goals for the week. I hope to accomplish these goals and develop more goals to accelerate my weight loss. I hope that I don’t let these cramps get the best of me and I continue to succeed. I planned to wake up at six and walked to campus from my apartment and then back to my apartment (Round trip 3.1 miles but, I think it should count for more because that hill is a beast!!!). BUT…that didn’t happen so; you’ll see me walking it later this afternoon. Until next time….
114 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!


  1. GOOOOO ASHLEY! make sure you walk the hill, and make sure you eat, dont starve yourself, but dont overeat either. Your so cute girl!

  2. Wow I am glad that you are participating. Those are great goals for the week and some that you can definatly accomplish. We can keep each other motivated. Keep up the good work.

    Peace and Blessings

  3. This is so great Ashley!! Girl you are motivating me to get these pounds off of me as well. I'm gonna start counting calories and doing the stairs. You should consider eating oatmeal in the mornings. Not the sweet fruit and cream kind but a nice cinnamon. That keeps the hunger away for about three hours then a fruit as a snack. Keep it up Girl!! Love you!!