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Monday, January 10, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New!!!!

Two days ago, I ate my last meal from McDonald’s. I thought about it long and hard before I placed my order at the famous restaurant chain, symbolic of a life-long relationship finally coming to an end. It had to end with just the right meal….nothing off the dollar menu….a meal that was worthy of a last meal! I finally settled on the Big Mac, ironically named and represents the source of my problem. Along with meal, my aunt blessed me with two chocolate chip cookies, my most recent obsession, which I still haven’t ate but I’ve been staring at obsessively for the last two days. I CAN DO THIS!!!!

I proceeded to down the fast food delight all after taking a tonic Clevon purchased for me from the store to…..hmmmmm…..lets just say clear my system out. A fact that he says defeats the purpose of the small bottle of magnesium citrate. Nevertheless, I completed the task an am anxious for the journey to continue.

àYesterday was a tough day for me. Emotionally, I had been on a roller coaster ride due to some unforeseen personal complications in my life. Spending the majority of my day crying and struggling with my own sanity…I found myself unable to focus on diet and exercise, I over ate and that’s an issue I’m struggling to deal with mentally today. What I learned:

Sad emotions=over eating and Nothing or no one is worth losing track of my goal to better myself. However, I take yesterday as a lesson learned that life’s trials will throw you off track but, you have to push yourself to remember what you’re doing it for.

I’ve been praying and resting in the assurance that God wouldn’t put anything in me that he wouldn’t give me the tools to complete. This seed of a life change was not planted into my soul for no reason and I’m just focusing on how great God is. All the while knowing that one setback doesn’t stop my setup!!!!

 Today is a new day full of the same enthusiasm as before and I’m back on track. I appreciate al the text messages, wall pots, and comments on my blog. Some of them came right in the nick of time. Keep me covered in your prayers and support, I appreciate it.

And for what you’ve all been waiting for…………drum roll please-------------------------------------------MY WEIGHT IS 243.5!!!!!! So, now that I know the challenge back to work I go….weigh in next week….hard work and discipline until then!!! Love you all!!!!

122 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey girl!! Keep pushing!! Glad that you didn't beat yourself up for having a minor setback. It’s important to stay on track and hold ourselves accountable but we are human and make mistakes. I was wondering if you have a way to deal with stress in your life, i.e. writing, journaling, art, etc. It might be helpful to channel that energy in another form so that you won’t over it. Go Girl!!!

  2. Thanks've been so supportive and I appreciate it! I have a I use it But, I will try to journal more when I'm down! Thanks for the tip!!!

  3. ASH just pray about it, and be about it! Dont let anything, or anybody hold you down! You will not be defeated, be encouraged!