My Weight Loss Progress


Monday, January 10, 2011

Jumping Over One Hurdle… Approach Another!!!!

I’m beginning to realize that this really going to be a mental challenge; breaking down pre-existing habits that I have instilled in me. I remember in high school I use to say I’m going to be fat when I get older. Now keep in mind that at that stage in my life I never had wore a size larger than a 5. But, somehow I continued to say it over and over again….almost to ingrain it into my brain. In retrospect, maybe it was my conscience warning to myself that a drastic change in my metabolism would come and I wouldn’t always be the age I was back then. Moving forward I have to change not just my lifestyle but, my mindset as well.

I read an article and it said that what you desire and expect are two totally different things. You can desire the world but if you expect nothing, you’ll never reach your goal. So, it ignited me to think about if my desires and expectations were on one accord:

I desire to get below 200 lbs…..I expect to fail miserably!!!! Overcoming that….beating that mental disappointment I see lingering in the near future is my biggest obstacle!!!!

On a more POSITIVE noteà I was able to have two workouts today. Running and walking intervals for thirty minutes this morning and I walked two miles at the YMCA!!! All while staying under 1800 calories for the day!!!!!! That’s a big feat (well for me)!!!!

I can’t wait to see my slim down moment! There are some that doubt that this blog will do anything to help but, all I can say is…different strokes for different folks! It’s working so far for me!!!

Thanks again for the support and see you on my next post!!!! 123 DAYS TO GO!!!!! (I had the countdown wrong at first)


  1. I hear you. I am also trying to get below 200. I am excited to follow you in your journey!

  2. I'm a good ten years older than you, and like you I gained all my weight in my college years. I spent my 20s fat. I've started and stopped this journey more times than I can count. This time, though, I started the blog and it's been almost a year and I'm about the same weight I was in high school now. I went from a size 18 at my heaviest to an 8. I credit my blog for the bulk of it. There, you'll find a support system a lot of us don't have in "real" life. Don't let anyone tell you it won't work. It's worked for me and a lot of others in the community. You're going to excel!